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Consulting for Change specializes in helping nonprofit organizations manage to meet their missions.  We can guide your nonprofit to maximize its impact, enhance its market responsiveness and improve its financial viability.

Consulting for Change provides the following services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Managing Growth
  • Nonprofit Mergers
Adina Abramowitz, Principal of Consulting for Change, was a nonprofit manager for over twenty years and has been consulting with nonprofits since 1996.

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"Adina is a skilled facilitator and a valuable adviser. She offers a powerful combination of industry knowledge, emotional intelligence, and focus on results. We have used Adina as a consultant twice and look for every opportunity to bring her back; she is an incredible organizational resource. The name of her company is appropriate - she has helped us through a lot of organizational change recently - thank you, Adina!” 

Emily Kaminsky, Community Capital of Vermont

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