Consulting for Change
Helping Nonprofits Achieve Results
Strategic and Operational Planning: Consulting for Change will guide your management and Board of Directors through the entire strategic planning process, by providing an opportunity to revisit the mission statement, discuss industry trends, review relevant research about your external environment, and develop a process to formulate ambitious but achievable goals. Finally the consulting team will assist the management and staff to develop a plan for the first year of the strategic plan, including: assigning accountability, assessing what new resources are needed, and developing an implementation means to report back to the Board on plan progress.

Implementation planning can also be a stand-alone consulting project.
Market Analysis: Consulting for Change can help your organization understand your market through quantitative and qualitative research.  We will help your organization gauge the demand for new products or programs, identify and gain further insight about the competition and make actionable recommendations for moving forward.

Organizational Assessment: Consulting for Change can assess your financial, managerial, and programmatic strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions for improvements.
Executive Coaching is a successful and cost-effective way to help an executive implement the changes recommended in a strategic plan, adjust to new responsibilities, learn new management skills, and make difficult decisions.  Consulting for Change can be an impartial adviser to your senior mangers.

Nonprofit Mergers and Collaborations: Consulting for Change can help your organization explore whether a merger or collaboration is a positive option, discretely consider possible merger partners, and negotiate the merger.